* Venue:

Symposium (July 10-13, 2017): 2 F, Chien-Shiung Building (Science Building IV), NCU
Solo paintings exhibition (July 10-21, 2017): The Art Center of National Central University
Welcome & reunion party (14:00‐16:00 pm on 9 July (Sunday), 2017): 10 F, Chien-Shiung Building (Science Building IV), NCU
Banquet (6:30 pm on 11 July (Tuesday), 2017): The South Garden Hotels and Resort.

* Hotel Suggestions

1. Park Hotel (桃企大飯店)
2. Fullon Hotels & Resorts (中壢福容大飯店)
3. Hotel J (日月光國際飯店 桃園館)

* How to reach NCU:

The closest airport is Taiwan Taoyuan airport and more information can be found via [Webpage: Reach NCU]

* How to reach the Hotels in Jhongli:

There are two ways to reach the hotels or NCU Guest house from Taoyuan airport.
(1) Taking taxi to the hotels directly. The taxi fare will be less than NT 1000. And you can print out the Chinese instruction for taxi driver.
(2) Taking shuttle bus to Taoyuan HSR station and then take taxi to the hotels. The bus fare is NT 30 and taxi fare will be around NT 300.
About the shuttle bus, please check the website: [Website]

* Chinese Instruction for Taxi driver (From airport to Hotel).

(1) To reach Astronomy Institute of NCU [Download]
(2) To reach NCU Guest house [Download]
(3) To reach Park Hotel [Download]
(4) To reach Fullon Hotels & Resorts [Download]
(5) To reach Hotel J [Download]

* NCU campus map [Download]

(1) Chien-Shiung Building: See No. 18 on the map
(2) Guest house: See No. 5 on the map

* Transportation between Hotel and NCU.

1. If you live in Park Hotel, Fullon Hotel or Hotel J, you can take Bus 132, 133 or 172 to reach NCU. And the bus fare is NT 18.
2. Location of Bus stop:
(1) if you live in Park Hotel or Fullon Hotel, please see pic 1.
(2) if you live in Hotel J, please see pic 2 and pic 3.
More information can be found via [Website]

[Pic 1]
A: Train Station     B: Bus Station     C: Park Hotel     D: Fullon Hotels & Resorts
Bus station is close to Park Hotel and Fullon Hotels & Resorts. When you see McDonalds, you will find the bus station.

[Pic 2]
From Hotel J to NCU: The bus stop, 青果市場is opposite Hotel J. Or you can wait for the bus at previous bus stop, 仁愛新村.

[Pic 3]
From NCU to Hotel J, you should get off the bus at the stop, 青果市場 where is next to Hotel J.